Jul 18 2012

CBGB – Movie

Tune up Atlanta area actors and actresses, CBGB the movie is bringing the era of hardcore punk to the big screen. Auditions and casting calls are set to be held soon so tear up those t-shirts and acid washed jeans and join the film that will relive America’s epic punk past. Starring Justin Bartha, who’s fame sky rocked from the 2009 movie The Hangover and the immensely talented Alan Rickman (Robin Hood; Prince of Thieves, Die Hard, Harry Potter, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street) this movie will be rockin’ box offices everywhere.

CBGB was a music club founded in 1973 by Hilly Kristal (Alan Rickman) and located on the lower East side of Manhattan in New York City. Hilly’s dream was to fill the place with sounds of folk and bluegrass but not having any luck booking the bands he originally planned on, he was inspired to go in a new direction. Turning over into the 1980s CBGB began making punk rock history with early performances by now legendary names The Patti Smith Group, Fleshtones, Blondie, Talking Heads, Mink DeVelle, Misfits, Television, The B52s, The Dead Heads, Joan Jett and many other punk rock sensations that changed Hilly’s music club into an epicenter of music history. By breaking into underground punk and rock n roll, CBGB became the birthplace to music that is still heard on the radio today. So if any of you Atlanta actresses and actors have ever wondered what it would be like to live in the magical days of punk rock in New York City now is your chance. Auditions and casting calls for this fast beat film are coming soon. For more details and to apply you can send emails to CBGBthemovie@gmail.com. This is the film experience that you don’t want to miss out on so make sure to stay tuned here for any updates for the next hit movie CBGB and leave a comment below and tell us why you’d like to help recreate one of the most remarkable times in punk rock history.

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