Aug 05 2013

Top 5 Best TV series in 2013

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Top 5 TV Series

Best TV Series


The small screen never fails to give every household its daily dose of entertainment. With all the amazing and long-running TV series that you must have been following for several years now, new shows are still produced to give added flavor to your daily viewing experience. The year 2013 marked the debut of a fine new list of TV series that are bound to capture viewers’ attention. In fact, a lot of them are so good that it is hard to pick which one is better than the rest. Die-hard fans of old series may not give this list a piece of their time, but do you remember when you said that you would only watch CSI and then The walking Dead came along? Yes, you will never know what these shows have in store for you, so keep up with the new because you will never know what you are missing.


1. Hannibal – NBC TV Series

The famous novel that was made into several movies is now on TV. The story features two popular characters from the Red Dragon novel, Dr. Hannibal Lecter and FBI Agent Will Graham. Lecter is a forensic psychiatrist who Graham approached for help in profiling serial killers. Unknown to Graham, Lecter was slowly immersing himself into the cases and copying the horrific acts done by the killers to satisfy his own hunger for violence. This thriller will keep you at the edge of your seats and feed your anticipation for the second season.

2. Da Vinci’s Demons – BBC TV Series

This fictional drama delves into the life of a young Leonardo da Vinci, a man who is so gifted with supreme intelligence yet lived at a time when science is ruled by religion. Here is a man who is overflowing with the thirst for knowledge and brilliance, but held down by the circumstances that surround him. He ends up struggling to liberate science, while at the same time dealing with his issues with his father, the conflict between secret societies, and a romance with a spy.

3. Bates Motel – A&E TV Series 

Have you seen the movie Psycho? This TV series is a prequel to that movie, focusing on the life of a young Norman Bates and his relationship with his mother, who he later killed. This series will show how a psycho killer came to be. According to the movie, Norman developed his split personality after the death of his mother, but this show will give viewers a glimpse of the relationship between mother and son and the events that all contributed to the evolution of a killer who kept the desiccated corpse of his mother at his home.

4. Arrow – The CW TV Series

This action-adventure is based on the fictional superhero Green Arrow. A sea accident claimed the life of billionaire Oliver Queen’s father and left him stranded in an island for five years. After being rescued, he tries to catch up with society while at the same time doing his father’s last wishes: to fight the ills of society and bring the city to its old glory. He does this by becoming a green-hooded vigilante at night who fights off the bad guys with the use of his bow and arrows. Being a DC Comic superhero, you can expect other characters from the comic to appear on the show, which must be keeping fans excited. The second season is bound to start this October.

5. The Following – Fox TV Series

Here is a drama-thriller series that is hard to resist primarily because it stars Kevin Bacon. The story revolves around a serial killer who escaped prison, Joe Carroll. The first thing he does in the outside world is form his cult group that consists of people who are just like him – killers. This brings former FBI Agent Ryan Hardy back to try to capture Carroll. This thriller has a very scary premise that can terrify everyone. What if a brilliant leader (Carroll) is able to manipulate all the serial killers in the US and make them connect and plan together? The thought will bring shivers into your spine, knowing that there are hundreds of serial killers on the loose. The twists and turns of the plot will keep viewers wanting to know what is going to happen next, and hoping that Kevin Bacon saves the day.

There you go – five TV series that you should not miss this year. There are actually so many good shows that fill all types of genres, but these five made such a good impact in terms of viewership that they deserve to be on the top.

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