Aug 05 2013

3 Ways to Find Movie Casting Calls

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Ways to Find Casting Calls

Finding Casting Calls

If you are an aspiring actor or actress and have a strong desire and passion to make it big in the film industry and looking to get the right acting gig there are a number of things that you can do to help you out. If you are committed to pursuing your career in acting then you must necessarily possess the passion and drive to make a relentless pursuit for movie casting calls. Acting is a creative art and takes commitment and dedication. Finding a perfect casting job is quite an intimidating and challenging task but pretty exciting once you land up in this glamorous money making movie industry. The glitz and glamour of the movie industry assures fame, fortune and glory with a large fan base.

The following are three different ways of finding movie casting calls:

1. Online search: The easiest and simplest way to find a movie casting call is to make a research online and to check for any available ads. Plenty of casting call websites are available. A simple search will furnish you the details of the different sites that have open casting calls near your area. The casting openings found on these regular audition sites provide room for all ages. Most of these sites provide the application forms for you to get your way to the audition set. By using your search engine carrying out a casting call search is very easy these days. Beware that there are numerous websites and some may not provide reliable and accurate information. Hence make sure that the website you are choosing is trustworthy. Yes, the Internet is an ideal place that provides an opportunity for the first audition and eventually a break into the hit movies. Find your way to stardom by a simple search in the internet.

2. Getting through an agent: If you dream of becoming a world famous actor or actress one day get started by hiring the services of an agent to locate a movie casting call. In order to procure an acting gig they may initially arrange for meetings with movie directors or producers. Hence when an acting opportunity matches your talent and age you will be the first choice. This is an added advantage. An agent also acts as a representative and negotiates the terms of the deal. These agents will act on your behalf in procuring the right movie casting call. They utilize their contacts and knowledge in the movie industry to get you an acting gig. Generally they have a bunch of contacts that they have made over the years. Make sure to choose a reliable and trustworthy agent who will help you land in your dream career. Ensure that he is a licensed agent as many unscrupulous people are around there claiming to be professionals.

3. Professional head shot and resume: To locate the right movie casting call one should prepare a resume and get headshots taken. Make sure to stick to the best version of truth in the resume. Look at the resumes of other actors in order to get an idea of what the movie industry expects. Generally there is a formatted template. Prepare one in accordance with this template. Include your name and other vital information like age, height, weight, hair color, eye color and so on. Find a reputed photographer and have your photographs taken. Wear different outfits and take different shots. Affix them to the resume. Provide your contact address, phone number and email address. Include your educational background and other special skills that are relevant to the movie roles. A simple, professional and impressive looking resume can definitely help you in finding a movie casting call.

If you have decided to make a big hit in the movies the first step is to locate the movie casting calls. There is so much competition in the movie industry and even getting your foot at the door can be a highly daunting task. However by sticking to the above three ways one can definitely land in this glamorous industry provided. Have patience, dedication and commitment.

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