Aug 12 2013

Atlanta’s Best Acting Schools

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Atlanta's Best Acting Schools

Acting In Atlanta

By definition, comedy is a term that is derived from the Classical Greek and is used to mean a genre of art that is generally intended to be humorous especially in film industry, television and theatre. Pure comedy comes as a result of a masterpiece in comedy skills. In today’s film industry, comedians who have gotten it right have made millions in a matter of days while those who have gotten it wrong have ended up nearly bankrupt. Undoubtedly, comedy is by far the most difficult form of entertainment you will ever come across in the film industry. And as such it is fundamental for a student aspiring to be a film star to attend a learning institution where their acting skills will be nurtured. With Chloe Grace Moretz, Raven-Symone, Brittany Murphy, Stephen Dorff and Johanna Braddy being among the greatest names in the film industry to hail from Atlanta, Georgia, Atlanta has left quite a mark in the film industry. Not only role models or idols to look up to but also the fact that there is quite a list of prestigious acting schools to be found in Atlanta that has further widened the popularity of acting.

For students looking for an opportunity to study for an acting and theatre degree program, there are a couple of options both near and within Atlanta to choose from. Among the best acting schools in Atlanta include: Clark Atlanta University, Emory University, Clayton State University and Kennesaw State University.

Clark Atlanta University

Clark Atlanta University (CAU) located in the heart of Atlanta’s Metro area is an African-American liberal arts college that was founded as a result of a merger of Clark College (an undergraduate institution that was solely oriented to liberal arts) and Atlanta University in 1988. For students wishing to pursue acting, the school offers a Bachelor Degree in Speech Communication and Theatre Arts which is designed to educate students on the use of verbal, nonverbal and written communication. The course work covers both theoretical and practical concepts that help in grasping the fundamentals of communication process that is very important in acting. Upon the successful completion of a Theatre Arts major, students are well prepared for such careers as theatre management, theatre directing, theatre and film performance and play and script writing.

Emory University

Founded in 1836, as a college named after an American Methodist bishop, Emory University boasts of being the home to Theater Emory. Theater Emory, is famed as being the resident company that teaches acting students through an array of activities which span from Productions, tutorials to theatre labs. Theater Studies which is the academic department that is concerned with acting offers a BA, both major and minor in Theater Studies .Other related programs offered includes a Bachelor of Arts in Playwriting or Dance and Movement Studies. While some schools may ask for auditions for students to gain admission in their theatre department, this is not the case with Emory University. On top of the course work that involves tutorials and class work, students get a chance to perform at Theater Emory. Successful students in Emory’s theater programs also get a chance to go for internships with acting companies in Atlanta, Los Angeles or even New York.

Clayton State University

Founded in the year 1969 as Clayton Junior College with the founding president as Dr. Harry S. Downs, the theatre department at Clayton provides aspiring students with the opportunity to develop their acting skills and get a chance to work with the local drama and theatre institutions. Unlike other acting schools in Atlanta, theatre instructions at this school are provided by industry professionals and the faculty features veterans in Playwright for Alliance Theater and Walt Disney World Resort. Clayton offers both minor and majors in Arts in Theatre which helps students to develop strong skills in both communication and acting styles.

 Kennesaw State University

While this university offers a Bachelors of Arts in Theatre for a 4-year period, students who want to focus in acting can take a variety of minor courses in performance studies, theory and history, musical theatre and performance studies in acting. All students in the theatre department are required to complete a senior seminar and an applied sequence.

Among other top Atlanta colleges when it comes to theatre arts include Oglethorpe University, Mercer University, Spelman college (which is solely a women’s college) and Morehouse College.

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