May 10 2012

The Walking Dead – AMC

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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Another brand new season of AMC’s hit genre sensation The Walking Dead is beginning production soon and the majority of this season will be shot on location in Senoia, Georgia. This will be an impressively budgeted shoot and casting directors will soon be searching for talented local actors for a number of supporting roles and extra opportunities.

The Walking Dead follows a group of survivors of a worldwide “infection” of society. Humans exposed to this infection are transformed into zombies and walk the earth undead searching for new victims. The survivors must travel the country searching for safety and trying to make sense of the new world order that surrounds them. The Walking Dead is so much more than a zombie show however, the cast is supremely talented and bring real world emotion and pathos to an otherwise unreal story. This program is a true delight for all performers and a great opportunity for an Atlanta based performer looking to make their break in the world of acting. Casting calls and auditions for several roles will be held soon for the all new season of this fantastic, award winning series. You can head here some more information on extra casting and please leave a comment for us below and be sure to stay tuned for all of the up to the minute casting news and updates.

Cable television has completely eclipsed film to become the outlet for quality story telling and this epic show is leading the pack. If you are an actor of any age in the Atlanta area you owe it to yourself to take a chance on this incredible casting. The search will be starting soon and you may end up being a member of the cast of the newest and bloodiest season yet of AMC’s hugely popular The Walking Dead.

11 Responses to “The Walking Dead – AMC”

  1. Mary Says:

    Hey, Acting is the only thing that I do. I eat, drink, sleep, and breath acting, and even though I’ve never seen this show, I hear that it would widen my horizons in acting.. so yeah.

  2. Steve Ward Says:

    If you ever need a 6’6″ tall zombie, I’m your guy!

  3. Loris Boyd Says:

    Are they still auditioning for extras for the TV show The Walking Dead? I so how do we audition. I did not see it listed on extras casting Atlanta.

  4. Kristina Says:

    hi i am only 9 but i want to be a zombie extra i am good at acting like a zombie and walking but i love Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus

  5. Kristen Says:

    I would love to be a zombie extra who is only 5’4 tall and already have a great idea of what kind of zombie that I would be. The zombie who crawls out of a hole to bite and rip to shreds one of the survivors after the prison scene; like Earl.

  6. faith bonnett Says:

    the walking dead is my fav show i would love to be a zombie thank u

  7. Caroline Says:

    Hi, i am 11 years old and would love to be featured on The Walking Dead. I love to act and would like to start my career as soon as possible. I read that you would like local actors to be on the show, i know i am not considered to be in the ‘local’ area but i would definitely make the trip to be on this show. I am a big fan and would be honored if you would consider me. Thank you,

  8. Benjamin Greene Says:

    Real actor. Honestly unnoticed. Wish to get out there. Attractive, toned male with all the physical and mental traits required. I can act out any scenario given. And will topple most actors. and there is no xfactor for actors. So give a guy a chance. anyone who needs an actor. Adult or otherwise.

  9. Mark Seals Says:

    I’m really looking forward to being an extra in this series!!!

  10. Brionna Dominguez Says:

    Helloo The Walking Dead!! I am a 15-year-old beautiful tough hispanic girl. I absolutely love watching The Walking Dead!! I am known to be more mature for my age and I hear that you are looking for a hispanic girl in her 20’s. I would love to audition for your show and hopefully you can give me a shot. And I think Carl is the cutest thing in the world! I may be young but I just love your show to death! My brother is actually one of the extras playing a zombie and I think that would be extremely cool for both of us to be on the show. My info – 5’5 Long brown hair, Brown eyes, Tan skin, and slim with some muscle!

  11. mariah shearer Says:

    I ain’t gonna beg you. But I’m 13 and the walking dead is in my mind 24/7 I would love if this is a real publishing thing . I’m good at acting and I’m the one for yal

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