Aug 05 2013

5 Things You Should Know About Theatre Casting Calls

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Things to Know About Theatre Casting Calls

Theatre Casting Calls

To feature in a play, or any other production, you will probably have to go through theatre casting calls. These are normally set up to look for actors and actresses who will take part in a production. Producers normally put up advertisements so that people can know that there is a casting call. This can run for a single day or continue until the right type of cast is found for the production. Read on to get the 5 things you should know about theatre casting calls.



They normally have time slots
One of the things you need to know about the theatre casting calls is the fact that they normally have time slots. For this reason, unless it is a walk-in, it is important to call the person in charge in order to get an appointment. This helps to make the entire thing more organized and also helps to save time because each actor/ or actress is allocated the time that will be used for auditions. Try and get to the venue a little bit earlier so that you are ready and relaxed when your time to perform comes.

Information sheets are distributed here
It is also important to note that the potential actors and actresses who make the cut are normally given information sheets. These usually have vital information like the days of production as well as the rehearsal schedules. This way, the producers can know in advance whether there will be any scheduling conflicts. This also has an information sheet where the actors and actresses are supposed to write down all their personal details such as names, mailing address, cellular and home telephone numbers as well as email addresses.

Audition scenes do not normally reflect the future productions
The scenes that are used for the theatre casting calls most of the time do not reflect the scenes that will be used in the main production. This is because producers normally pick some scenes that will allow the person[s auditioning to display a wide array of emotions to know if they are really the best for the job. These scenes are relatively short and there are times when they include several people to get to know how the actors will respond in a group situation. This works out well to help the producers pick the best people for the job.

It is best to attend the calls with a snap shot
It is also important for the actors to bring in a snap shot or a head shot. These are especially important because the producers will remain with it alongside your contact information. This means that if you did not make the cut for the particular production, the producers or casting agents can still contact you easily in case they find a role that is most suitable for you.

It is vital to follow all instructions given
Once you have gotten to the theatre casting calls venue, it is important to follow all the instructions that you are given if you want to have an easy time and also increase your chances of getting noticed. Remember to give it your all as you might not have another chance to prove to the panelists that you are the person they are supposed to consider for the job. Arrive on time and ensure you are dressed accordingly to get more positive results.

Tips For Theatre Casting Calls

Be informed… You can get information about the calls from various sources. These include local casting agencies and newspapers. You can also check out the community theatre as they normally have posters for the calls especially when dealing with smaller productions. You can also check online as most productions will post their websites here since it is usually more convenient and a large mass can access the adverts to get the kind of response they need.

Good luck!

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