Aug 12 2013

Top Funniest Movies Ever Made

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The Funniest Movies Ever Made

Top Funniest Movies

One of the things that almost every movie lover looks for in a movie is good humor. Movies which incorporate jokes and scenes which leave viewers laughing are always appreciated. People can even watch them over and over just to enjoy the good humor. This is the primary reason why various movie makers emphasize on ensuring that they make the movies as enjoyable as possible by including comedy. The movie’s story line might be about something serious but acted in a hilarious manner. The comedy incorporated in the various movies does not necessarily change the theme of the movie. Instead, it can explain a story in a humorous way to make the viewers stay glued to the screen until they hear or see the last funny scene.

Some of the movies that incorporate comedy usually tell stories which people are familiar with or activities which people experience in their day to day lives. For instance, a movie might tell the story of how a certain war was fought but if the story is told in a funny way, it will make viewers see the better side of the particular war.  Here is a list of the top funniest movies ever made. Read entire article.

Aug 12 2013

Four Advantages Of Being A Movie Extra

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Advantages Of Becoming A Movie Extra

Becoming A Movie Extra

The term extras can be used interchangeably with background actors to refer to the people who fill scenery to give it a sense of reality. They are the crowds, passersby, people walking on the sidewalk, and suspicious onlookers, who add life to commercials, television shows and movies. These characters do not speak, and when they do, their voices remain indistinguishable among a multitude of voices.

Various reports indicate that extras are stigmatized during the course of their regular work. This stigma is a result of the assumptions of various directors who view extras as non-actors, whose work is to simply fill the background of a scene. It is a common belief in Hollywood that if a director identifies a person working as a background performer, then that director will only view that individual as an extra, and will never take them seriously or even consider hiring them as principal actors. However, doing extra work can actually be very beneficial for aspiring actors, and even serve as a platform for entry into major acting. The following are four ways in which an aspiring actor can benefit from being a movie extra. Read entire article.

Aug 12 2013

Atlanta’s Best Acting Schools

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Atlanta's Best Acting Schools

Acting In Atlanta

By definition, comedy is a term that is derived from the Classical Greek and is used to mean a genre of art that is generally intended to be humorous especially in film industry, television and theatre. Pure comedy comes as a result of a masterpiece in comedy skills. In today’s film industry, comedians who have gotten it right have made millions in a matter of days while those who have gotten it wrong have ended up nearly bankrupt. Undoubtedly, comedy is by far the most difficult form of entertainment you will ever come across in the film industry. And as such it is fundamental for a student aspiring to be a film star to attend a learning institution where their acting skills will be nurtured. With Chloe Grace Moretz, Raven-Symone, Brittany Murphy, Stephen Dorff and Johanna Braddy being among the greatest names in the film industry to hail from Atlanta, Georgia, Atlanta has left quite a mark in the film industry. Not only role models or idols to look up to but also the fact that there is quite a list of prestigious acting schools to be found in Atlanta that has further widened the popularity of acting. Read entire article.

Aug 05 2013

Top 5 Best TV series in 2013

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Top 5 TV Series

Best TV Series


The small screen never fails to give every household its daily dose of entertainment. With all the amazing and long-running TV series that you must have been following for several years now, new shows are still produced to give added flavor to your daily viewing experience. The year 2013 marked the debut of a fine new list of TV series that are bound to capture viewers’ attention. In fact, a lot of them are so good that it is hard to pick which one is better than the rest. Die-hard fans of old series may not give this list a piece of their time, but do you remember when you said that you would only watch CSI and then The walking Dead came along? Yes, you will never know what these shows have in store for you, so keep up with the new because you will never know what you are missing.


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Aug 05 2013

3 Ways to Find Movie Casting Calls

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Ways to Find Casting Calls

Finding Casting Calls

If you are an aspiring actor or actress and have a strong desire and passion to make it big in the film industry and looking to get the right acting gig there are a number of things that you can do to help you out. If you are committed to pursuing your career in acting then you must necessarily possess the passion and drive to make a relentless pursuit for movie casting calls. Acting is a creative art and takes commitment and dedication. Finding a perfect casting job is quite an intimidating and challenging task but pretty exciting once you land up in this glamorous money making movie industry. The glitz and glamour of the movie industry assures fame, fortune and glory with a large fan base. Read entire article.

Aug 05 2013

5 Things You Should Know About Theatre Casting Calls

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Things to Know About Theatre Casting Calls

Theatre Casting Calls

To feature in a play, or any other production, you will probably have to go through theatre casting calls. These are normally set up to look for actors and actresses who will take part in a production. Producers normally put up advertisements so that people can know that there is a casting call. This can run for a single day or continue until the right type of cast is found for the production. Read on to get the 5 things you should know about theatre casting calls.

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