May 22 2012

Good God A’Mighty – Stage Play

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Are you an up and coming actor in the Atlanta area looking to start your career in the exciting world of theatrical acting? Lolita Snipes Productions will be casting soon for their highly anticipated revival of the hilarious hit comedy stage play Good God A’ Mighty! This is a fantastic opportunity for talented performers of all ages to spend their summer pounding the boards in a well regarded production. Landing a role like this could put you well on your way to an exciting and successful career on the stage and put you on the maps of the biggest talent evaluators on the Atlanta acting scene. AMny of the worlds most successful actors got their start in the theater and many of them return to the stage time and time again to keep their talents sharp and to experience the thrill of live acting again and again.

Good God A’ Mighty! tells the story of what happens when a good looking young Pastor form New York moves to a new church in South Carolina. The hilarious and inspirational story deals with themes of faith, love and culture shock and provides uproarious insight and heartfelt imitations of the world of an African American Southern Church. Auditions will be held on Saturday June 30, 2012 at Woodruff Art Center’s -14th Street Playhouse in Midtown Atlanta. If you are interested in auditioning for this role you can head here and contact Producer Bella Blue here for more information and be sure to keep checking in for more exciting updates on this production.

Casting Information:

Actors must be 18 years or older and register to receive an appointment time to audition. Producers will be casting a predominantly African American cast and 1 White Female role.

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  1. June Hampton Says:

    When is the production of “Good God Almighty” coming the Atlanta metropolitan area? Thanks for your immediate reply.

    June Hampton

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